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KIND offers a wide range of accessories that enhance the quality of everyday hearing.

Our latest selection includes:

  • KINDotoClean: Cleaning and hygiene for your hearing aids

KINDotoClean is the ideal choice for the daily care of your hearing aids. Maintain your hearing aids and reduce humidity-induced malfunctions of your devices.

KINDotoClean products are available for Behind-the-Ear as well as In-the-Ear hearing aids.

  • KIND hearing aid batteries

Our environmentally friendly and powerful hearing aid batteries are available in all sizes.

  • Electric dehumidifier: KIND Dry Star

KIND Dry Star is part of the KINDotoClean series. This electric dehumidifier keeps your hearing aids free from moisture and dirt. Prolong the life span of your hearing aids and save $$ and time from repairs. KIND Dry Star is the perfect tool to protect your Hearing Aids against this Asian humidity.

  • Flashing and vibrating alarm clocks

Wake up by flashlight or vibration – KINDlisa alarm clocks are easy-to-use and available in attractive colours.

  • Wireless signalling systems

Wireless signalling systems convert acoustic signals like for example the ringing of a doorbell or telephone into either flashlights or vibrations.

  • Streamer & TV Connect

Various receivers are available to connect your hearing aids directly to your TV or phone. Enjoy the comfort of perfectly and directly transmitted sound signals. Wireless signalling systems do not need any elaborate cabling.

  • Telephone amplifier

You can use our powerful telephone amplifier at home or on the move.

  • FM systems

Our State-of-the-art FM systems transmit sound signals wirelessly directly into your hearing aid, to improve the speech clarity in for example at church halls or conference rooms.

  • Radio and TV accessories

Radio and TV accessories amplify the sound of TV or radio with or without hearing aids in stereo quality. These wireless headsets are fitted with super powerful receivers and can amplify audio signals up to 120dB.

  • Audio accessories

With our audio accessories you can connect various add-on devices directly to your hearing aids using a standard direct-audio-input.

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