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Hearing Aids

When selecting a hearing aid, consider;

Since our hearing is different and is as unique as our finger print, what works for one person may not always work for you. Thus, its important to first have a detailed hearing check up, understand hearing loss & its impact to communication done by a hearing care specialist.

If you have been diagnosed to have biliteral hearing loss, always use 2 hearing aids just like its not acceptable to use a monocle when you have been prescribe to wear a pair of spectacle.

All hearing aids today use digital technology. They are programmable during the fitting process and have multiple listening profiles or memory settings. Digital sound technology also allows more advanced signal processing such as noise reduction, filtering and acoustic feedback (whistling) control. Depending on the cost, such functions can be done adaptively or automatically “adapted” to suit to the different sound environments. It is also possible to connect wireless from your mobile phone or TV to your hearing aids.

Modern hearing aids today are small and discreet to others and will provide a hassle free experience.

Generally, the cost of hearing aids is determined by the size, the style and the different levels of digital signal processing technology. At KIND the cost of your hearing aid(s) includes all hearing aid follow-up visits for fine tuning or for general servicing during the lifetime of the hearing aid bought from us. We understand that your hearing aids are an investment of money and especially in your ability to communicate with family, friends and at work. Therefore we make it easy and trouble free to work with your KIND hearing specialists to get the maximum out of your hearing aids.

For Singaporeans, the cost of hearing aids are not covered under any government assistance schemes except the needy. At KIND, we have a Best Price policy and our prices for hearing aids always include follow up services for fine tuning and rehabilitative consultation during the lifespan of the hearing aids at no extra service cost. What’s more there is no time wasting or time spent waiting for your appointment.

KIND basic

KINDbasic hearing aids are customised to your individual hearing loss based on the latest fitting technology.


KIND comfort

Comfortable hearing programs with adaptive or automatic features make our KINDcomfort range suitable for people with an active lifestyle.


KIND premium

Our KINDpremium range offers state-of-the-art hearing technology for people with high demands on their hearing aids.


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