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Why to get your Hearing Aids at KIND

KIND pursues one universal goal: top quality consulting and best possible service at all times. That means, we advise our customers to the very best of our knowledge in a competent, fair and honest manner, just as we want to be treated ourselves.

Highly-qualified audiologists from Germany work for us to continuously improve the consultation at KIND. To ensure the highest quality of our hearing aids, many of them are 100 % Made in Germany. We believe that good hearing aids if professionally fitted, can significantly improve a customer’s quality of life. And this is what we strive for every time.

Be assured that when you come to KIND Hearing we

  • are one of the world’s leading independent hearing aid dispensers, based in Germany with 700 branches worldwide.
  • always offer the latest & widest selection of hearing aids technology with expert solutions.
  • use the latest computerised diagnostic testing for an objective assessment before offering you a tailored prescription.
  • can do  the hearing test and hearing aid fitting in ONE appointment! No long waiting time.
  • offer a no obligation home trial so you can “test drive” the latest pair of hearing aids in your normal living environment before buying.
  • provide a free 30 min hearing aid consultation for all new customers.
  • offer a free hearing aid check up for all hearing aid wearers, including cleaning and a new battery.
  • offer big savings, best price & a 0% interest free instalment plan. Call us for a free hearing aid quotation!

Get more information on our hearing aids and the KIND consultation! Call 6235 2425 for appointment or fill out the form.

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