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KIND Hearing Protection

At KIND, you can buy two different kinds of hearing protection: Standard earplugs and individually customized hearing protection. Standard earplugs can serve you well when you only need to wear it a few times a year, e. g. for rock music concerts or for swimming during your vacation. However, if you’re a frequent concert-goer, have a noisy hobby like motorsports or if you travel a lot and you frequently wear your hearing protection, we recommend to get individually customized hearing protection.

An individually customized product that offers optimal hearing protection
For an individually customized hearing protection, we take impressions of your ears in our branches and using the latest 3D printing technology from Germany, we customize the hearing protection to make sure that it will perfectly fit your ears and properly protect them from loud sounds. We combine this with the appropriate noise filter to achieve the exact kind of protection that suits your personal requirements. Most of KIND hearing protection products are available in silicone and acrylic materials. The soft silicone material can fit smoothly to the ear canal and hard acrylic is easy to clean and very hygienic.

Always the best professional service from KIND
Entrust your hearing to the KIND experts. We work with you to determine the most effective hearing protection and fit it to your ears. We will help you to choose the most effective filter systems for your hearing protection, too. We also make house calls if you are unable to visit one of our branches and we also conduct industrial hearing tests required by manpower laws for workers who are exposed to loud sounds at work.

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