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Your Journey to Better Hearing

KIND accompanies you on your journey to better hearing. Either visit one of our branches or simply call +65 6235 2425.

1. Consultancy and Demonstration

During the first appointment your KIND hearing specialist analyses your individual hearing profile, as well as your needs and expectations.

Using state-of-the-art audiological measurement technology your KIND hearing specialist performs a hearing test and demonstrates the latest range of digital hearing aids. All our rooms are professionally sound insulated for quiet environment to achieve an accurate test result and later with the use of a special software program, simulate realistic sound environment during the testing of your hearing aids. After all, our goal is to improve speech clarity in noisy environment.

If you are a motivated user, ask us about our “Try before buying” programme where we allow you to bring home a pair of hearing aids to let you test them at your normal living environment for 1 week at no cost. Simply sign a trail form and agree that the hearing aids are on loan to you and remain the property of KIND until you decide to purchase them. It’s really that easy!

When you do decide to purchase, your KIND hearing specialist will select the most suitable hearing aids for you based on your hearing profile, your individual lifestyle needs and expectations and to your budget. 0% interest 6 or 12 months installment plans are available with a CitiBank credit card or via GIRO payments.

Don’t forget to call us if a HOUSE CALL is required for hearing testing and hearing aid fitting!

2. Hearing Aid Fitting

Based on your hearing profile, your KIND hearing specialist will fit your hearing aids and fine-tune them for optimum listening comfort in all hearing situations. Remember that you will always need some time to get used to your new “ears” as a period of habituation is expected for you to get the most out of your new hearing aids. To achieve this, it’s important that you need to work with your KIND hearing specialist who will patiently help you over several appointments.

All subsequent appointments for fine tuning is at no further charge!

In fact, as a patient-centered care company, we will arrange a frequent follow up programme to check on how you are coping with your new hearing aids.

3. After Sale Service

At KIND, we don’t talk about SERVICE, we just DO it.

We repair all models of hearing aids either bought from KIND or not. As part of a Care package, KIND offers you a start up kit inclusive of hearing aid batteries and the all important electric dehumidifier to keep any model of hearing aids free from moisture and extends the lifespan of your hearing aids.

We will always try to offer you a spare hearing aid whenever yours goes into repair.

All hearing aids come with a limited period of warranty against damage to the parts and components by the manufacturer. However, KIND offers you a lifetime of free service for cleaning and changing the tubes to the hearing aids & ear moulds or even come in just for a cup of coffee with us!

Furthermore KIND offers an attractive accessories program.

Try before buying